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Zadder is an amazing, sweet soul that has endured many obstacles in his life. Born at 38 weeks, Isaiah was delivered from an emergency caesarean section. Throughout the past two years, Isaiah and his family have experienced ups and downs during his health trials within the hospital. Excessive tests have been reinstated in Isaiah, and doctors have decided that Isaiah’s body has difficulty producing white blood cells, and his left lung is not functioning properly. With this said, Isaiah was considered to have a level 4 reflux. Unfortunately, the Amazing Zadder was diagnosed with epilepsy. Then all at once, at 4 years old, Isaiah was diagnosed with Autism as well. 


Zadder has difficulty breathing and developed asthma, along with other sensory issues. For the majority of his life, Isaiah has ongoing appointments with doctors to discuss his condition and therapy treatments. It was at the age of six when Isaiah was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, because of his massive emotional scenes. To this day, Isaiah consumers 18 medications each and everyday. Although it is a struggle for Isaiah, his inspiring smile still appears each day. On top of his previous diagnosis, he has also been diagnosed with Hypogammaglobin Immune Deficiency, Scoliosis, and two additional gene disorders. If you donate or even show the slightest amount of support for Isaiah, it will pay for his medical expenses and care to increase his overall happiness and to barricade his complications. GFC would love for you to donate in order to change a life; to change Zadder’s life! Thank you.

The funds will be used to move.

  Recent Cause Activity

Nell Coonen Korte donated $5

Kevin donated $100

Emily Flatt donated $35

Here ya go buddy as promised.

Anonymous donated $35

I hope many blessings come your way!

Kathy Cowart donated $15

Stay strong, Zadder! Better days are ahead, buddy.

Mary Perry donated $10

I love you both sooo much

Debbie Fleming donated $50

Sweet Little Warrior I pray this will help you move closer to doctor's and clinics.Im so proud of you and your Smile truly inspires me love you and your sweet family

Steve Caldwell donated $5

Denise Sanchez donated $30

Stay positive Zadder! I'm cheering you on little warrior! Mom, I'm sending you a cyber hug, don't forget to take care of yourself. Strong moms for strong families. xo MissFit

Linda Terry donated $10

Best Wishes!

Cassidy donated $35

Hey buddy! Hope you have a good day! Praying for you! Xoxo ;)

Kathy Cowart donated $35

Praying you feel so much better after the surgery today, buddy.

Anonymous donated $50 in honor of Jerry and Doris Armstrong

Kathy Cowart donated $25

Love you, sweet buddy!

Mike "Mdawg" Williams donated $25

Here's a small gift for my zbro

Kasey Weeks donated $25

I love you guys...always here no matter what

Shanna Lundberg donated $15

Sorry I could not help out with more! I wish both of you the best! I cannot even imagine the struggles you and your little guy endure-true heroes!

Kathy Cowart donated $15

Praying you make it to that new home closer to the doctors and hospitals, sweet Zadder.

Ann Franklin And Family donated $10

Emily Hawk Barlett Family donated $25

Brenda Wadler donated $5

This is for my Buddy Zadder, Love you and your amazing Mama;)!!!

The Newton Family donated $150

We Love you Buddy!! Hugs and kisses.

Crystal Mayer donated $50

Good luck, I will miss you!!!!!

Brad Florhaug donated $100

Hope this helps buddy!

Carson And Jewel donated $10 in honor of Carson and Jewel

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