Help Callie's Family Get a Reliable Car


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Cause ended on January 28, 2015

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  •  Submitted by Tabitha Truelove
  •  Created on January 02, 2015

  Cause Story

Help Callie's family get a reliable car. Everyone who donates will receive a nice digital photo of Miss Callie and also any donation of $10 or more will be entered to win one of "11 Skype sessions with Callie" (because Callie is 11 years old)! what a hoot that would be!! Callie is very fun to talk to :) Meet Callie, a 11 year old girl with william's syndrome from Georgia. The car Callie's family have now has been giving them major problems and they have even been stranded recently because of issues with it plus it is getting a lot of miles on it due to excessive traveling getting Callie to doctors and all of her other appointments....Callie is a busy young lady as we all know ! Tabitha has been concerned about this for awhile now and always worries when she does have to go out that she will not make it back home so it is definitely time to get rid of that ole' car ! GFC is thrilled that Tabitha accepted our offer to do a fund raiser to help as she will never ask for any thing so we were afraid of what her answer would be. We had planned to do it anyway and just surprise her, but this way is better, Justine from GFC will not have to keep "whispering" and "making those private phone calls" to Tabitha's family) !


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