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  Cause Story

With a beautiful smile, an absolute joy to be around, and a compassionate soul at heart, Robert teamed up with his friend to fundraise in order to go to the Louisville Zoo, as a school field trip. Biking farther away from home, Robert suddenly collided with a truck. Realizing the severity of the accident, one of Robert’s friends ran back to Robert’s home and alerted his mother. Sprinting down the streets, Robert’s mother shortly completed 3 blocks to find her child lifeless. Such a sweet and generous being, had no heartbeat and no pulse upon the arrival of the ambulance. Thankfully, paramedics revived Robert to life as the tone of the heart monitor began to thrive. Shortly after, Robert was flown to Indiana, and the doctors predicted a short life expectancy for Robert.

Racing past time with 100 miles left behind, Robert was flown to Kentucky to have an emergency brain procedure to extract half of his skull. As a side effect of the collision, Robert was facing a high brain pressure of 70 or more, when a 0-5 ICP is considered normal. Therefore, the procedure was necessary in order to regulate his brain pressure. Following the accident, Robert was in the hospital for 105 days (47 days of which he spent under a coma). Sweet Robert faced damage to the occipital lobe within the brain, and also endured a stroke due to internal bleeding. Due to the accident, Robert also had problems breathing and eating, so he has a tracheostomy to aid his breathing and a gastronomy tube to help him eat.  Soon, Robert was considered brain dead, and his family had the option to take him off of life support, but they requested a second opinion. Luckily, there was brain activity and he is now going through rehab to enable him to communicate with others. Being 2 hours away from family, Robert needs your help. With your generous donation, Robert’s family will be able to visit him in rehab, and he will be able to receive home therapy. With that said, Robert’s beautiful smile will soon return with a donation put towards his therapy. It’s only about Robert, and the strategy to get his strength back through your donation and pure compassion. Please feel free to donate to Robert today. It is through you that we can make a change!

What will the funds be user for?

The funds raised will support Robert and his family for travel expenses, home therapy when Robert returns home.

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Anonymous donated $6

my six dollar donation!

Anonymous donated $10

God bless you Robert!

Team G.F.C donated $15 in honor of Tripp Mcqueen Book By Madison

Lourdes Cordoba (Miami) donated $35

With God all things are possible. Have faith that you will see the old Robert that you love and miss dearly in God's perfect time. I hope you find a little solace in knowing how many hearts you're touching with your story. I'll be praying for you and Robert añong with all the mommas out there that are struggling with a sick baby. Keep your head up because hope and faith are the only things you cannot let go of!

Jan Armontrout donated $25

Amanda donated $7


Anonymous donated $8 in honor of My son's 8th birthday

Can't wait for the new book!

Anonymous donated $5 in honor of Giving Foundation for Children

Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Sheila Gray donated $15

Hoping for a full recovery.

Collins Family donated $50

Praying for all of you!

Anonymous donated $5


Anonymous donated $10

Jayanna Family donated $25 in honor of Robert and Giving Foundation for Children

Prayers to Robert and his family!!

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Collins Family$50

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Jan Armontrout$25

Jayanna Family$25

Sheila Gray$15

Team G.F.C$15






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