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  Cause Story

Joe's diagnosis is Lennox gestalt syndrome, idiopathic. He has cerebral palsy and severe Developmental delays secondary to the seizures. His tested age level is across board from 3 months to 18 months.

Funds used for

The raised money will be used to help Joe and his family get a seizure alerting monitor which helps detect seizures while Joe is asleep at night.

Here is what Joe's mom sent us about the monitors. "Currently, we have 2 audio/video baby monitors in use, but they only detect sound and give you video of Joe. During any given night, I usually run at break neck speed to get to Joe, downstairs to help him through a seizure up to 5 or 6 times each night. Sometimes he ends up not being in the middle of a seizure, but I never know just from sounds and looking at the video just takes more time I could be responding to a possible seizure. Then there are the ones I'm sure I don't catch, which is why this monitor developed specifically for this purpose will be so helpful! The sami alarms when seizure type activity is first detected and begins recording, the question of is that a seizure and running like a maniac in the middle of the night half asleep downstairs will be no more. I will still have to respond to actual seizures, but I won't spend my nights like a crazy person, and most important Joe will have his mom at his side at a moments notice for every seizure. We will have recordings for Dr's as well. We will have peace of mind!"

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Tabitha Truelove donated $260 in honor of Callie Truelove

We all love you Joe. Donations at CALLIE'S birthday party

Carol Stancil donated $25 in honor of Callie and family

Jayanna Family donated $23 in honor of Little Author Madison Maya Jayanna

God bless you Joe and family! Madison you are special! Lots of love, your family in India.

Essential Therapy Services donated $150

We love you Joe and family!!

The Stewart Family donated $100

So glad I got a chance to know both Callie and Joe through the Elsie Conde Sports Camp! You both are so special and precious!

Karen & Chad Jarratt donated $30

Maddox Family donated $200 in honor of Elsie Conde in Memory

God has sure used the life of Joe and Callie to bless our family and countless others thru the Elsie Conde Memorial Cross Training Sports Camp for special Needs campers.Happy. Birthday Callie!

Anonymous donated $10

Denise And Andrew Bennett donated $15

Karen Pere Williams donated $25

Susan Aker donated $20

Judy Mitchell donated $25

Love you, Joe and Callie.

Robin donated $5

Smiles, Callie is An Angel!!!!♡♡♡I Love you Callie Girl

Bonnie Fontayne donated $12

Happy Birthday, Callie!

Anonymous donated $10 in honor of GFC


Anonymous donated $25 in honor of Callie

In honor of Callie and her 12th birthday, she is truly an inspiration. Blessings to Joe and his family.

Donna And Marty Reed donated $25 in honor of Callie Truelove

IN honor of Callie and her 12th birthday. She is truly an inspiration to us all. Blessings to Joe and his family.

Cathy White donated $25

Happy Birthday Callie!!! What a wonderful gesture to choose such a selfless gift for you birthday. Joe is a lucky fellow, and is in such need of so much attention. Thank you for your choice to help him, and I pray you'll have a year full of love, health and true blessings like the one you are giving to Joe

Anonymous donated $25

God bless you Joe and your family!!

Donna Flood donated $25

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Tabitha Truelove $260

Maddox Family$200

Essential Therapy Services$150

The Stewart Family$100

Karen & Chad Jarratt$30

Donna Flood$25

Cathy White$25

Donna And Marty Reed$25

Judy Mitchell$25

Karen Pere Williams$25


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