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Update on April 15th, 2016: All the funds raised were sent to Juliana's Mom.

Update on March 28th, 2016: The cause is closed.

Lovable Julianna or as we like to call her, Anna Banana was born in November the year of 2013. Opening her beautiful eyes and hearing her small cries were wonderful to her family. Such joy filled the room, but soon a trial had occurred. About 3 days after her arrival, Ms. Anna Banana was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

It has been two years of difficult days spent in and out of the hospital. The shuffling of nurses passing by, to the curiosity of what might happen next, left Julianna’s family on the edge of their chair. Endearing Julianna was also diagnosed with additional congenital defects and suffered a few complications. Due to the obstacles that Anna Banana and her family face, she needs more lab work to be acquired, additional medical supplies, and ongoing support. Unfortunately, Julianna’s insurance will not be able to cover the costs of such equipment. In order to advance, donations will be used to continue running tests and finding a way to solve Julianna’s complications. Whether you can help monetarily or even show loving support towards Anna Banana and her family, GFC greatly appreciates every action put towards Ms. Julianna. Please donate to Julianna to help mend her disease, spark some hope, and round up happiness within her family. GFC thanks you, and Anna Banana will greatly appreciate your donation!

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The Giving Foundation for Children (GFC) provides a platform for special needs children and families to achieve self-sufficiency.


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Moustafa Ahmed Issa donated $10

Caitlynn Broom donated $10

Donald Jones donated $50

Damian Gourlay donated $100

Amy Snider donated $50

Praying for this sweet girl. ❤️

The Oliveiras Alyssa, Alex, And Jayce donated $45

I have a healthy 3 year old boy but I can't imagine what you and your family goes through with CHD and autism and everything else in the past 2 years. It breaks my heart to see such a sweet innocent gorgeous face be challenged like that. Fortunately, she is strong and perseveres! Such a beautiful little miracle. We want you to know that you have friends that are praying for you all the way up here in Massachusetts. Good luck Anna Banana! Keep going, you're doing awesome! Oh and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays (: ♡♡♡

Nathan & Gini Taylor donated $150

Best wishes and get better.

Anonymous donated $20

Cj Boulais donated $10

Hope she gets better.

Kerisha Skye donated $5 in honor of Julianna

love you!

Anonymous donated $10

Praying for you and her!!

Lara Larkin donated $10

She's a beautiful girl. Best wishes for healing and lots of smiles!

Anonymous donated $10

Michael F. Sullivan donated $300

Stay strong Julianna, your strength and smile are an inspiration to us all. Positive vibes from all of us here at Firetrol Tucson.

Casey donated $40

Love you sweet girl stay strong!

Anonymous donated $50

Love you baby girl

Olivia Kelly donated $5

Anonymous donated $5 in honor of All special needs children!

My five dollar friday donation!

Anonymous donated $10 in honor of Juliana

Juliana you are a sweet little girl, may god bless you!

Anonymous donated $25 in honor of Anna Banana

Wishing Julianna and all the special needs children well!

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