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Sophie was diagnosed at 3 months with a rare genetic disorder called NKH. There are less than 500 children in the world with this disorder. NKH is fatal, so her mother quit her job to be a full time caregiver. Nonketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH) is an inherited condition in which the body is unable to breakdown and process some of the building blocks of protein (amino acids). It is considered an amino acid condition because it can lead to high levels of the amino acidglycine in the body.

Her mom says - "An Angel is the closest thing that I could compare Sophie to. She has a pure heart full of love. She loves to be snuggled really close with her Mommy. She definitely has her own spunky little personality and lets me know in her own way, when she doesn't like something or does like something"

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Anonymous donated $35

GOD angels are round about you just keep your head to the sky for ware your help comes from JESUS Christ AMEN GOD BLESS YOU

Lori W donated $50

Shelly Rudie donated $35

Hugs and kisses from Houston!

Deborah Towne donated $20

I hope your goal is reached soon. Praying always for beautiful little Sophie and Mommy too

Anonymous donated $35

Christy Morris donated $190

God bless you sweetie. <3

Sherri Newman donated $50

God bless you beautiful girl :)

Christy Morris donated $100 in honor of Sophia Grace Crawford

So very close! ! I'm so happy for you!

Richard Whiting donated $25 in honor of Suzanne Whiting

Praying for little Sophie.

Anonymous donated $35

Lisa Webb donated $30

Melanie Pinero donated $10

I'm sorry it's not much, but I wanted to help. I hope you get your seating system, sweet girl! Xoxo

Christy Morris donated $100

Getting closer. God bless!

Mustafa Ahmed Issa donated $10

Lisa Webb donated $20

Lisa Webb donated $10

Christy Morris donated $100

All I can give for now but more to come. I hope you reach your goal.

Lisa Webb donated $10

Lisa Webb donated $10

Lisa Webb donated $13

Lisa Webb donated $10

Lisa Webb donated $10

Brandon Seals donated $20

Sophie is in our prayers and we hope she can find comfort and we are praying for strength for you as you take care of your daughter.

Anonymous donated $10

Thank you for sharing your beautiful little girl with us <3

Catherine Chatelain Kessell donated $35

Sophie I hope to see pictures of you in your new chair soon. Big hug to you and your sweet Mommy...xoxo

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