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"Super Moms Special Children book is a wonderful gift to everyone that loves a child with special needs. This book will impact anyone who reads it and takes it to heart". Support the book/bracelet/shirt by ordering Super Moms Special Children today and help 'Celebrate Life' of special needs children everywhere by wearing the bracelet/shirt. Click the orange "Order now" button above to order. Ebook edition coming soon!

About the book

A little girl's journey as she comes across special needs children and their moms at a park. We have picked 5 super moms and their special needs children to be featured in the book; Tabitha/Callie, Stacy/Tripp, Jennifer/Colin, Katie/Hawk and Jane/Emma. A % of the book proceeds will go towards helping with medical expenses for each child featured in the book. The foreword for the book is written by Stacy Halstead. The books will ship in 4 weeks after the order is placed.

Book Reviews - Super Moms Special Children

“This book is a wonderful story of how one person can make a difference in the lives of others. Super Moms and Special Children help all of us understand that we’re not that different after all” -Mrs. Amy Stinsman; Kindergarten Teacher

This book is a wonderful story about a child who encounters a group of special children who are known as the superheroes in the story. These children have varying special needs and is a great way to send a positive message to all children to embrace children with special needs and to see their super powers. Being the parent of three children typical and twins with varying special needs enjoyed reading this story wholeheartedly and would recommend it to other families. I would hope it will encourage children to not be afraid, to open their hearts and minds to differences they might not understand, teach compassion and understanding. - Catherine Caceres; mother of special needs children

Supermoms and Special Children is an amazing book written from the eyes of a child. The author illustrates how each of these superheroes are different which makes them unique, and that treating others with respect truly comes from the heart. Kids and adults alike should read this book. It will leave a positive mark on your heart. - Deana Robbins Dall-mother of two; classroom teacher; school counselor

“A must read book for all children!” — Donna Thomas

The book is written by Mom/Daughter, Justine and Madison (author of Tripp Mcqueen) along with Tabitha Truelove (Mom of a special needs child) and Jose Rodriguez.

A local Tampa Bay child named, “Hudson”, a friend of Madison, died of Cancer. In honor of Hudson, Madison has decided to donate 5% of the proceeds from the book to Pediatric Cancer Research.

Please support the book, by ordering it today.

If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to: "Giving Foundation for Children" and mail to;
Giving Foundation for Children
303 Main St, Unit 890
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

About GFC

The Giving Foundation for Children is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit which provides a support platform for children with special needs to achieve self-sufficiency through awareness, support services and education. Each donation to purchase the book is a tax-deductible donation.

By purchasing items from GFC, you are supporting: our work as a registered nonprofit, our mission to provide a support platform for children with special needs, and the work of GFC, a kind-hearted, mother-daughter-founded registered nonprofit organization. We thank you!

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Natacha Palay Cash supported Team GFC (Special Needs)

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Carol Parmer supported Team Boom

Sending lots of prayers and hugs to these two amazing parents. Sending hugs and kisses to to you sweet Tripp!🙏❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer Davidson supported Team Boom

Phillip Odom supported Team GFC (Special Needs)

Ordered two books!

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Looking forward to get the book and read it!

Robin Whitley supported in honor of Holly Blinke ,my fiance cousin who.passed of cerebal palsy at 12 years old

What a Honor to be able to have my Second d book with Stacy ans Tripp.. Thank you Justine foe All your hard work you do!You Deserve All the Aknowledgment and Lime Light ♡♡ Thank you for All you do Justine,You Deserve all the recognition for the Beautiful work you do!Now I will have 2 books With about Trippadoo

Patty Miller supported

Never give up!

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Lorrie Amerson supported in honor of Sierra Grace Gleason

I really enjoyed the Tripp McQueen book and look forward to this one. What a GREAT way to spread the word about special needs!! Love the idea and love all of the people featured in the book. Can't wait to get my hands on it :) Thanks so much!

Anonymous supported

Tripp is an inspiration to all. What an amazing little boy with an amazing family!

Sandra Mcelroy supported

Go Tripp!

Monica Smith supported

I Love reading about Tripp I feel as if he is apart of my life now! Hope to continue to here alabout him as he grows even as he heals , which I hae faith God is carring you in that direction Tripp is doing so awesome!!! I just pray you keep usu to date even when he gets better :) You are one awesome momma Stacey!

Jennifer supported in honor of Livy bug

Marsha Sartain supported in honor of Abbagale and Jacob Carson

I'm giving in honor of my two sweet Rhizokids who are now Angels.

Kerry Werstein supported in honor of Heather Owens

Brody and Lacey Owens are so blessed to have a Super Mom like Heather Owens.

Debi Ledvora supported in honor of Caleb Adams "Cheering for Caleb"

God Bless all these amazing Children and families...You have all made a huge difference in life...Faith...Hope...Love....

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My family loves everything this book is written to support!

Dawn Denning supported in honor of Elysse

So proud of my special girl.

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To all Super Moms and Special Children, especially Stacy. You amaze me. You rock!!!

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Stacy, You truly are a super hero and inspiration!

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