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Tripp Mcqueen is a special book written by Madison Jayanna. You will be ordering the Ebook as the paperbacks are all sold out.

The book tells the story of a little car named Tripp Mcqueen! This ebook has several extras to make it a lovely keepsake! You will receive an email instantly with the download link as soon as you place the order. If you didn't receive it in your inbox, check your spam/junk folders.

Few Book Reviews

"Cutest book! every Tripp fan should have a copy!! Ebook has a lot of extras which I love, Thank you for making it!!" - Amy Smith

“This was a very touching story written by an innocent and insightful child. A very uplifting story as seen through the eyes of a child that many can relate to. The book shows that when people, even strangers, get together and pray/hope for something, good things can happen. Thank you for writing it!” - Valerie VanWie Cooper

“A beautiful true story of Tripp Halstead, who becomes Tripp Mcqueen, Tripp’s favorite car, Lightening Mcqueen. In the eyes of Madison, she has created a story of family and love, and how family has rallied everyone up to help Tripp get better! A true story of a beautiful little boy written by a compassionate little girl named Madison!! Smiles!!” - Robin Whitley


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Kristine Orr ordered

I will miss you forever sweet Tripp. Love to Bill and Stacey and family.

Sylvia Berger ordered in honor of Tripp Halstead

Rest In Peace sweet boy! You taught me so much in your short life!! Watch over your momma and dada-they need you! The world is a better place because of YOU!!

Chris Brown ordered

Janice Gibbs ordered

Have followed Tripp's journey since day one. Love this little fella, and his Awesome family!! # GO TEAM BOOM!

Ron Kline ordered

Jacob Kline is my 8 year old grandson, who is a healthy child, but he needs to know how fast things happen that can change his life forever. I love reading facebook messages about Tripp Halstead. His parents are my idols.

Anonymous ordered in honor of Tripp

Go Tripp!

Louise Carpenter ordered

Becky Wilson ordered

Happy birthday big guy !!!!!!!

Marti Bloedow ordered

happy birthday from Madison Wi, Tripp

Vicki And Clyde Howard ordered

We love Tripp and all the family. We are praying for his continued healing and strength for your family. We truly love your family.

Anonymous ordered

happy birthday big guy

Mary Ann ordered

Mary Adair ordered

Happy Birthday Tripp

Anonymous ordered in honor of Tripp and Madison

Congrats on turning 5 Tripp! you are a miracle!

Anonymous ordered

Brenda Ward ordered

Stacey, you and Bill are doing a wonderful job with Tripp. It is amazing to see how far you all have come in the past few years. Keep loving him and each other and wonderful things will come your way. Keep the faith! ((HUGS)) Brenda Ward

Joyce A, Belt ordered

I hope this helps a little towards Tripp's care. They are such a special family.

Anonymous ordered in honor of Madison

Happy Birthday Tripp

Anonymous ordered in honor of Tripp and Madison

Happy Birthday Tripp!

Phyllis Laurion ordered

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